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Hello everyone,

and welcome to my first more or less big UserControl. I'm an austrian pupil which turns seventeen in December, I have experience in VB.NET, C# and C++. Yet I sticked to C#, since I love it's syntax and I am generally appealed by this language. The past three months I really got interested in creating my own UserControls and this is the result of my four-year experience in programming.


This control is far away from beeing finished, but the basic idea is set up and bug-free. On the list below I mention the so-far features:

  • Line numbering
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocomplete menu
  • Customizable colors
  • Customizable selection

What I plan to implement (and I also hope to be successful at it):

  • Resize the control dynamically for line-numbers over 9999.
  • Offer more possibilities to customize the intellisense.
  • Improve code performance whereever possible.
  • Dynamic item-sizes in the intellisense-box.


You guys also may check out the source-code on Github.

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